Pool Card

Request a new or replacement pool card.

Cost for your first card is $40. Lost/replacement cards are $50.

By submitting this form, you hereby acknowledge that you have been notified and informed about the following information for the use of the Providence POA pool.

  • I am the owner of a home/lot in Providence of Madison, Mississippi.
  • I have read the POOL RULES and will ensure everyone in my family and any guests that accompany me are aware of the rules and will abide by them or privileges will be revoked.
  • I understand that each household is only allowed to purchase up to ONE (1) pool card. The card will be forty ($40.00) dollars and any replacement card will be fifty ($50.00) dollars. 
  • I am aware that my POA statement of account MUST BE current to receive a pool card and remain current on HOA assessments/fees for the card to remain active.
  • I am aware that if I lose my keycard, a replacement card can be purchased and that the lost keycard will be deactivated.